Stop at Square


STOP AT SQUARE is part of the sixth-semester Light Metal Structures course. It is an original stand for all Public Transport, which combines sustainable design and all the needs of a one-stop construction.

The main innovation of the attitude is the variability in its size, depending on the needs that each attitude must meet. By designing the posture, there were six sections that made up the posture. The first part (1) is a pillar, which supports a glass panel that cuts off wind and rain, and the name of the stop. The second section (2) bears the ticket office and is combined with a pillar. The third (3) and the fifth (5) are two parts, similar to each other, but one is the beginning and the other the end of the seat. The fourth (4) is the middle part of the seats, which can be added or removed depending on the needs of the stand. Finally, the sixth section (6) is a pillar and supports the telematics system.

The needs of the stop and the needs of users were recorded and are as follows: technical lighting, shading, energy autonomy, ticket office, area map, advertising panel, and telematics system.

The posture materials are durable outdoors and stress resistant, such as vandalism. The main material is stainless steel. The seats are made of laminated wood and the shades, seat backs, and air clipping panel are made of glass.

Constantinos Samaras, Interior Architect
Mevlen Ntagkala, Interior Architect

Mevlen Ntagkala, Interior Architect


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